Here you will find everything you need to accessories still can:
For baking bread from its own called the best bread baskets from rattan, also Dough Rising Baskets.
For the homemade rolls press two forms of bread swabs to a nice pattern in the dough can.

Furthermore, you do not have to, if you are the proud mill owner, buy meal, with the two flour sieves, done by hand with the 2 mesh sizes, which we have always in stock, you can choose from the whole wheat flour semolina and bran at any time even quite simply seven.
The matching wooden bowl, made ​​of solid pine wood, there are also on offer here with us.
Or are you looking for wooden spoons to took grans into the mill.

You want to keep your cereal nice, no problem with the granaries of the company or the company Hawos Komo, or in the beautiful grain storage by the company Eschenfelder or in a grain doses of the company Schnitzer.

And always when the winter comes, comes the shoot time - pure vitamins, the best raw foods. Germinate in Kressesieb and shoots begin to sprout the glass, the different sprouting seeds, we have of course also in the program.
Everything found easily here. 

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