Fresh flakes are the best!

Why do we say this?
+  fresh flakes are not heated as that you get to buy, whether in bags or in the bag of oatmeal cereal, whether with the "organic" label or not, the flakes you buy pre-packaged, are preserved and on vapor thus from the health point of view, worthless
+ so you have guarantee the valuable ingredients (vitamins, enzymes..) of the grain received
+ you mix different cereals on your mood may change or may in any order and you do not need to "industrial chemist" of the mix for you
so you have a fresh, pleasant chewing feeling of the different flakes
+ for a good digestibility and better digestion
+ the production of fresh flakes is not witchcraft, is not very much work, not too much time and not really tiring

All units are maintenance free and easy to use.

We have in program:
The Eschenfelder  flacker for the table or for wall mounting, from KoMo (for the table), from Schnitzer (for the table) and from “Osttiroler” - Waldner-biotech - the flaker with many accessories, both for table mounting withforce (for the table).

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