Fresh flakes are the best ..

... and electrically more comfortable in making.
In the three available range of devices of the company Hawos, KoMo and Jupiter the flakes are not heated, the vitamins, minerals and Enzympe are not damaged when squeezing.
Fresh flakes - for your health!
Even with the electrical flakes crushing squeeze, you can also mix different cereals so as you want.
And the flakes in the electrical equipment is even easier - push a button, fill the hopper and even the fresh flakes falling for your cereals – “Müsli” - into the wall mounted bowl.

All units are maintenance free and easy.

We have for you:
the hawos El Flocko, which exists in two strengths, the KoMo FlocMan and of Jupiter the wilful intent for engine Model 862.

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grain flaker KoMo Flocman

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