for families, beginners and singles who appreciate great performance and ample power reserves.

Find the grain mills with a 360 watt  single
Due to the larger engine is also of course the overall size of something bigger, but they grind grain mills each grain. In one hour you have on the finest setting then approximately 6 kg fine (wheat), whole wheat flour.

No accounting for taste itself, not by diet - it's a matter of taste whether you access to a grain mill from Hawos, KOMO, Salzburger, Schnitzer, or the Company Osttiroler-Waldner-biotech.

But one thing is certain: A grain mill can not be missing in the (whole)-kitchen, a grain mill is the centerpiece of any kitchen!

Please note: 
in countries with 110 Volt (for example USA, Canada...) the grain mill need a motor with 110 volts. If you are not sure, please contact us - my price is without VAT, but without shipping costs - you should see it when ordering your land.
Please contact us! We provide you the best possible deal!

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