With the pasta machine Marcato Atlas 150 pasta lovers can make their own pasta creation. After preparing the dough, it's quick and simple, and the results speak for themselves: fresh, delicious pasta that taste absolutely better than Purchased.
After having prepared the dough, using this pasta machine is rolled out thinly and then cut the paper in the selected form of noodles.
We offer several different attachments for different pasta shapes, so that we cover a broad noodle program. So one can now spaghetti, fettuccine and tomorrow the day after tomorrow and if lasagna noodles are just asking, then this also, or do you feel like homemade ravioli, then ran like anything - quickly and easily do it yourself.
Incidentally, you can also vary in the composition of the ingredients for the dough or invent something new creations to make his personal favorite pasta. Creativity knows no bounds.

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